Elite Herringbone Collection

Introducing the exquisite Herringbone Collection from Ego Premium Products, designed to reflect the best of traditional European flooring techniques. This classic floor pattern has been popular for centuries and is characterized by alternating rows of strip flooring, resulting in several distinct and visually appealing patterns. Each piece is installed one at a time, creating a timeless look that adds elegance and sophistication to any space. The Herringbone Collection features ten unique shades to choose from, allowing you to create a bespoke look that is perfectly tailored to your personal style. And best of all, installation is just as easy as any other solid wood flooring, providing you with a stunning and durable floor that will stand the test of time.

AC4 Grade Material
EIR Surface
4 sided¥ Groove Flooring
2mm Sound block
Specs :600x 90x 12 + 2 mm
Behavior to impact LoadEN 13329IC 2 - height of fall 1700 MM in the maximum height
without damage (1750 MM height)
Behavior to AbrasionEN 13329IP 4000 Revolutions
Behavior to ScratchingISO 1518> 25N
Insensitivity of wear layer to stainsEN 13329Rating 5 (no effect)
PorosityGraphite test 1Grade 1(Pore-free)
Light fastness / UV resistanceEN 438.2.6Level 6 (Blue Wood Standard)
Note : Changes are measured Against Blue Scale.
Grade 6 = No change
Resistant to glowing cigrette ashEN 13329 Degree 5 No visible Changes
Formaldehyde EmissionE.T.B RegulationMeasured in Permissible P.P.M Emission
Waste DisposalN/AResidual materials disoposals with domestic waste.
No Toxic fumes released during thermal disoposal.
Fire ClassificationDIN 4102Flame Retardant - B1
IgnibilityDIN 51960Does not egnite Easily.
Smoke Development0 - Norm B3800/1Class Q1 - Low smoke development Austrian institute for Floor Covering
Indentation TestDIN 51955Residual Indentation 0.0 mm (I.B.A - Koblenz)
Chair Castal TestEN 13329No Negative changes when using soft wheel castors.
Type W (I.B.A - Koblenz)
Susceptibility to CrackingEN 438-2.26No Cracks Observable.
Specimen is Subjected to Large Temperature Change
Simulated pusing of Furniture legEN 13329No Visible damage
Thickness swelling testEN 13329< 18% swelling