Elite Herringbone Collection

Presenting the Herringbone Collection from Ego. Reflecting the best of flooring techniques, they have been a European traditional floor pattern for a long time. Herringbone is a pattern produced by alternating rows of strip flooring.They are installed one piece at a time, forming several distinct patterns. Most importantly, it can be installed like any other solid wood flooring in a linear form. Look out for our ten unique shades in the new Herringbone series From Ego Premium.

AC4 Grade Material
EIR Surface
4 sided¥ Groove Flooring
2mm Sound block
Specs :600x 90x 12 + 2 mm
Behavior to impact Load EN 13329 IC 2 - height of fall 1700 MM in the maximum height
without damage (1750 MM height)
Behavior to Abrasion EN 13329 IP 4000 Revolutions
Behavior to Scratching ISO 1518 > 25N
Insensitivity of wear layer to stains EN 13329 Rating 5 (no effect)
Porosity Graphite test 1 Grade 1(Pore-free)
Light fastness / UV resistance EN 438.2.6 Level 6 (Blue Wood Standard)
Note : Changes are measured Against Blue Scale.
Grade 6 = No change
Resistant to glowing cigrette ash EN 13329 Degree 5 No visible Changes
Formaldehyde Emission E.T.B Regulation Measured in Permissible P.P.M Emission
Waste Disposal N/A Residual materials disoposals with domestic waste.
No Toxic fumes released during thermal disoposal.
Fire Classification DIN 4102 Flame Retardant - B1
Ignibility DIN 51960 Does not egnite Easily.
Smoke Development 0 - Norm B3800/1 Class Q1 - Low smoke development Austrian institute for Floor Covering
Indentation Test DIN 51955 Residual Indentation 0.0 mm (I.B.A - Koblenz)
Chair Castal Test EN 13329 No Negative changes when using soft wheel castors.
Type W (I.B.A - Koblenz)
Susceptibility to Cracking EN 438-2.26 No Cracks Observable.
Specimen is Subjected to Large Temperature Change
Simulated pusing of Furniture leg EN 13329 No Visible damage
Thickness swelling test EN 13329 < 18% swelling


Installing a foor becomes child‘s play: A fingertip is enough t o join panels – simply unpack, lay , snap together and done. No effort involved – your hammer and block c an stay in the tool box.