Give Your Home a Royal Appearance with Premium Wooden Flooring from Ego

Natural wood flooring not only looks good to the eyes but also feels great and offers your home a premium appearance. High quality hardwood floors are resilient and can last for a long time with proper maintenance and care. Since natural wood is a good insulator, it keeps your home cool during summer and warm during chilly days. And for the best in luxury wooden flooring, you must come straight to Ego. We promise to offer you the feel of luxury every time you step on our wooden floorboards.

Exclusive Features of Our Hardwood Flooring Solutions

If you are in the look out of sustainable wooden flooring, our durable hardwood floors will be the right choice for you. The best thing about our luxury wooden flooring is you can sand and refinish them several times. This means you can repair scratches and restore our wide plank hardwood floors every 10 years and make them appear as good as new.

Our Range of Products

Browse our range of engineered hardwood flooring options, namely our Slim Collection and Herringbone Collection to find the most classic and contemporary products. Spanning around 35 cities across India and with a network of more than 300 dealers, we will offer you the most exquisite hardwood flooring designs to match the aesthetics of your home.

Looking for different hardwood floor options to enhance the charm and elegance of your home? Get straight to Ego! You can either call us at 022 25500265/+9122 40137119 or mail us at


1. Are engineered hardwood floors good at resisting fire?
Engineered hardwood floors come with an ignition temperature of 270° and therefore they are good at resisting fire. This makes them the best flooring option for evacuation areas.
2. How do engineered hardwood floors compare to marble or tile flooring?
Engineered hardwood floors are softer than marble or tiles flooring, making them easy on the legs and perfectly suitable for babies. Besides this, they exude warm and natural feeling and do not generate a lot of dust.
3. Are hardwood floors good for homes with pets?
Since wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain, they are suitable for homes with pets.