Discover the perfect combination of aesthetics and durability with the Easy Flooring Collection. Our range is perfect for those seeking lifestyle homes without compromising on quality. With a 2-year commercial warranty and a 10-year residential warranty, our collection is the perfect choice for those who demand both style and performance. Elevate your interiors with the exciting range from Easy Flooring.

AC4 Grade Material
Waxed Locking
Quick and Easy to fit
Easy to reinstall
Glueless and no mess
Easy Floor comes in 12 different pleasing designs and shades.
Size : 1212 x 195 x 8.3mm
Densitykg/m3≥ 880OK
Moisture content%6±1%OK
24hr thickness swelling in 20 0c%Center≤1ok
Edge ≤12
Static Bending Strength≥ 30OK
Elastic Modulusmpa≥ 3000OK
Internal Bonding strengthmpa ≥1.0OK
Surface Soundnessmpa ≥1.0OK
Thickness Tolerancemm8±0.30OK
Length Tolerancemm‘+3, -3OK
Width Tolerancemm±0.3OK
Formaldehyde Emissionmg/liter≤1.5OK
Level difference between boardmm≤0.1OK
Angle difference(90degree)mm≤ 0.15OK
Banana effectmm≤ 0.15OK
Color differencemmno differenceOK
BendingConcave(U)length ≤ 0.50%, width ≤ 0.15%OK
Concave(U)length ≤ 1.00%, width ≤ 0.2%OK
Bitten the cutting surfacemm/pcs≤ 0.5mm / 5pcs/floorok
Abrasion Testcycle≥ 6000 (AC4)ok
Weight of Overlaygsm≥ 45 (AC4)ok