Luxury Vinyl Planks - The Modern Alternative to Traditional Hardwood Flooring. Experience the natural beauty of wood flooring with the added benefits of modern technology. Our Wood Vinyl Plank collection offers exceptional style, quality, and affordability. With a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures, you can easily find the perfect match for your home's interior.
Our luxury vinyl planks are moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Additionally, its softness and temperature consistency make it comfortable to walk on, even without footwear. Whether for your kitchen or other areas, Luxury Vinyl Plank is a practical and comfortable option. Upgrade your home with the elegance and durability of Wood Vinyl Planks.

Eco & Human Friendly
Made from safer, stronger raw materials
Excellence in design
20 styles available in natural and modern color palette.
Resistant to scratches and stains
Quality assured by warranties
Thick-ness    Width   LengthPc/Box   m²/BOX
1.5   152.4   914.430   4.18
Consulting RoomsClassroomsOffice Rooms
General SurgeriesTechers's RoomsBathrooms, Lavatories
Waiting RoomsCommen Rooms
Patient's RoomOffice Rooms
Office Rooms
Type of FlooringISO 10582PVC Heterogeneous
Surface TreatmentMatt Film
SizeEN ISO 24342(EN427)inch6''x36''
Straightness & Squarenessmpa %≤0.35
ClassificationEN ISO 10874
Over All ThicknessEN ISO 2346(EN 428)mm1.5
Length Tolerancemm‘+3, -3OK
Wearlayer ThicknessEN ISO 24340(EN 429)mm0.1/td>
Wear ResistanceEN ISO 26987(EN 423)pass
Residual IndentationEN ISO 24343-1(EN 433)mm≤0.03
Dimensional StabilityEN ISO 23999 (EN434)≤ 0.15≤0.25%
Color Fastness To LightEN ISO 105-B02Pass
Castor Chair Test NoEN ISO 4918(EN 425)NO Damage
Burning CharacteristicEN 13501-1Bfl-s1
Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 26987(EN 423)Pass
Slip ResistanceDIN51130/EN13893R9


Remove dirt and other foreign materials thoroughly with vacuum or broom.

Damp mop the floor, being careful not to flood the floor with excess water .

Stubborn areas should be allowed to soak for 5~10 minutes then have the excess moisture mopped off of the floor.

Damp mop with a rinse pad. Soak the rinse residues completely and wait until it dries.

Use only buffing and cleaning pads recommended by Ego Floor. Using strong abrasive pad that are too strong will result in excessive scratching and reduce the life of the floor

Use WALK OFF MATS on the floor to protect from soil or dirt. Controlling grit and soil is absolutely crucial to prolonging the attractive appearance of your Ego - LG HAUSYS floor

Attempt to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

When moving furniture or heavy objects, protect the floor by laying plywood.

Use proper floor protectors for portable furniture like wheel chairs, carts, etc., use large diameter wheels.

Normal soap or dishwasher detergent can cause permanent damage and slippery floors. Use only proper cleaners for resilient flooring.