Add value and style to your home with a deck. And natural deck flooring is just what you need to decorate the adjoining path between the home and garden. Actually you can create a deck out of any outdoor space available. Be it sun-deck areas of cruises, pool sides, spas or balconies, Deck Floors from Ego gives you the solution to everything. It’s preferably laid on a flat concrete surface but a well drained pathway, ceramic tiles, compacted ground and other solid hard surfaces are also suitable. Deck floors are specially seasoned and treated for durable use for all outdoor spaces.

They can be used for cladding too. Deck floors are designed ergonomically to create a non-slippery surface with a good grip for wet areas like the surrounding of swimming pools, gardens, parks etc. It is also recommended for the walkways and jogging tracks. We use a polyethylene (PE) plastic material that is best for external uses and anti-aging. These floors are very easy to maintain. You can use water since they come with an anti-skid finish to avoid slipping. They also have a water resistatnt outdoor oiled coating and also come in longer lengths for your convenience.

Enrich Plank Decking

Enrich Plank Decking is one of the most eco-friendly decking alternatives available on the market, with a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content and a non-toxic glue less extrusion process that makes it 98% recyclable. It truly looks and feels like real hardwood, with a subtle grain texture and a very natural and organic feel underfoot. Enrich Plank Decking offers the aesthetic beauty and tactile comfort of a traditional hardwood deck but with the low maintenance benefits and long-lasting durability of composite deck boards. The enduring classic, time-honored look you love, without all of the work. An authentically natural look and feel, reminiscent of weathered hardwood. Choose from 4 versatile color options inspired by the warmth and richness of natural hardwoods, for enduring beauty that fits any style from classic to casual. A natural choice for green building and eco-friendly design.

80% recycled content, 98% recyclable
Natural feel reminiscent of weathered wood<>/h5
Exceptional moisture resistance
Superior anti-fading technology
Enhanced traction and anti-slip
No splinters, cracks, or warping
Low maintenance, easy to clean.
Installs and handles just like wood.
Does not contribute to deforestation.
Size – 21 x 146 x 2400mm

Sr NoTesting ItemsTest StandardResultRemark
01Four-point Bending TestASTM D6109"MOR(AVG):29.34Mpa
Test Span:450mm
02Density TestGB/T 24508-2020AVG:1.38g/cm³
03Drop Ball ImpactGB/T 24508-2020The specimen has no damage and no obvious change"Inspection Requirement: pit diameter≤12mm,and the specimen is no damaged"
04Slip Resistance TestGB/T 24508-2020"Anhydrous(AVG):56.7 Water(AVG):55"6
05Boiling Water ResistanceInternal Testing ConditionsNo cracking or powdering on the surface"Test Condition: Immersion in water at 100±2oC for 3 days Inspection Requirement: No cracking or powdering on the surface"
06Freeze-Thaw ResistanceInternal Testing Conditions"Surface State:no cracking, blistering, or pores on the surface Change Rate of Length and Size:0.1% Change Rate of Static Bending Strength:93.4%""Test Condition: 23±2oC for 1 hour,-20±2oC for 6 hours, 23±2oC for 1 hour, 80±2oC for 16 hours are a total of 5 cycles Test Span:450mm"


Spacing of the joist: parallel joist spacing is generally recommended for 20-45cm exhaustive see the table below (1) (such as decking and joist laying is not vertical, should be properly shortened), too wide spacing will cause downward bending deformation of the decking sheet

The longitudinal articulation of the joist needs to be reserved between the expansion joints, and the side of the deep groove of the joist should be close to the ground, and the side of the shallow groove faces up.


Spacing of the joist: parallel joist spacing is generally recommended for 20-45cm exhaustive see the table below

I-joist method, pay attention to the expansion joints

In the decking longitudinal joints with stainless steel fixed, locked in the middle of the decking, the decking can be controlled to the two ends of the board expansion, with the e ect of use.

According to the above method and so on to complete the installation of the decking, if the decking sticks out of the joist Whether here in the edge of the whole decking or at the seam, the length of the extended part shall not exceed 1cm, otherwise here in the local force, will produce bending deformation, when the force is larger or the role of a longer period of time, here will even produce fracture and other serious problems.


The general installation method of decking and joist end, sealing board usually can only be fixed in one of the joist or decking, not fixed in two positions at the same time

Final Result

Site construction protection measures:

① Enrich Deck product profiles must be stacked on flat, level hardened ground and avoid direct contact between the profiles and the ground and long time in wet, waterlogged areas. In order to reduce the deformation caused by the profiles, etc.

② Use safe and qualified construction equipment and wear corresponding protective tools during the construction process

Basis of construction operations:

① The construction area foundation ground should be hardened, and the foundation surface should be clean and smooth after the treatment is completed

② The foundation needs to do a good job of drainage measures (should be determined according to the amount of local rain water): 1, reserved drainage grooves , 2, reserved drainage wells, 3, foundation for slope (parallel joist direction), etc.③ Suggest that the decking bottom clearance from the ground is not less than 40 mm, and the height of water accumulation from the decking ground is not less than 80 mm

Construction Notes:

① In order to ensure the cutting effect, it is recommended to use 12-inch diamond saw blade for cutting, and when cutting, ensure the decking is flatly placed on the plane.

② For individual areas of the profile (sheet) that need to be fixed by screws directly, pre-drilling must be used before the screws.

Deck Application