Wood Vinyl Plank is a trendy, high-tech floor covering that provides numerous benefits to style, quality, and budget-conscious customers. Advancements in vinyl flooring have resulted in improved quality, design, and durability. Hard surface floors such as wood, tile, and stone are beloved for their beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious appeal. Luxury Vinyl comes in a vast array of designs, colors, and textures, and is resistant to moisture and stains, while being easy to clean and capable of handling heavy foot traffic. Luxury vinyl maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year, making it comfortable for barefoot walking and ideal for extended periods of standing, especially in the kitchen.

Eco & Human Friendly
Excellence in design
Durable Technology.
Thick-ness Width Length Planks Sqm
2 177.8 1219.2 22 4.769
2 470 470 22 4.86
Thickness(mm) 2.0
W/L(mm) 0.3
Type of Flooring EN ISO 10582 PVC Heterogeneous
Surface Treatment PUR
Size EN ISO 24342(EN427) % ≤0.35
Straightness & Squareness % ≤0.35
Classification EN 685 class 23/31
Over All Thickness EN ISO 24346 mm 2.0
Wearlayer Thickness EN ISO 24340 mm 0.3
Wear Resistance EN ISO 26987(EN 423) pass
Residual Indentation EN ISO 24343-1 mm ≤0.1
Dimensional Stability EN ISO 23999 % ≤0.25%
Curling mm ≤2
Color Fastness To Light EN ISO 105-B02 >2
Castor Chair Test No EN ISO 4918 NO change
Burning Characteristic EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1
Chemical Resistance EN ISO 26987 NO change
Slip Resistance DIN51130/EN13893 R9