Ego introduce new Wood Vinyl Plank with exclusive tie-up with LG Hausys - Korea. LG is the world’s largest resilient flooring manufacturers and has various product line-ups. They have striven to meet the specific technology and design requirements for any project by developing flooring solutions that go beyond elegant interior design. They are engineered to address performance needs of residential and commercial markets.

LG Hausys products have been certified for its international quality assurance.

Wood Vinyl Plank is an easy-to-install resilient flooring option that works in a variety of areas and realistically mimics natural materials such as woods, stones, metals and original graphic designs. These floors are highly fashionable with maximum comfort and bring you the best in design and technology.

Wood Vinyl Plank is available in many attractive wooden designs in easy to install vinyl planks. Easy maintenance with only soap and water ensures that the product retains its original look throughout its lifetime.

Also with enhanced underfoot comfort and increased sound insulation properties. The product is good for peaceful residential settings.

Wood Vinyl Plank is Eco-friendly material which delivers system and solution that maximize energy efficiency.

T 2.0
W/L(mm) 0.3
Type Of Flooring EN ISO 10582 PVC heterogeneous
Surface Treatment PUR
Size EN ISO 24342 % = 0.15
Straightness & Squareness % = 0.35
Classification EN 685 Class 23/31
Over All Thickness EN ISO 24346 mm 2.0
Wear Layer Thickness EN ISO 24340 mm 0.3
Wear Resistance EN 660-2 T
Residual Indentation EN ISO 24343-1 mm = 0.1
Dimensional Stability EN ISO 23999 % = 0.25
Curling mm = 2
Color Fastness To Light EN ISO 105-B02 = 6
Castor Chair Test No EN ISO 4918 No Change
Burning Characteristic EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1e
Chemical Resistance EN ISO 26987 No Change
Slip Resistance EN 13893 Class DS
DIN 51130 R9
Guarantee for manufacturing defects and wear-out* 7 Years

Applicability Crridors Crridors Receptions Boutiques
Crridors Classrooms Office Rooms Crridors Shops
Consulting Rooms Computer Laboratories Conference Halls Dressing Rooms Department Stores
General Surgeries Techers's Rooms Bathrooms, Lavatories Guest Rooms
Waiting Rooms Commen Rooms Restaurants, Cafeterias
Patient's Room Libraries Kichens
Office Rooms Office Rooms Fitness Gyms
Laboratories Laboratories
Operating Theatres Dormitories
Rehabiliation Rooms Gymnasiums
Mri,Ct Scan,Lazer Surgeries


Basic Requirements

Flooring must be installed at the final stage in any type of construction. Allow enough time for adhesive to cure. Keep foot traffic off of the floor for at least 24 hours.


Installation inspection such as quantity, color, design, etc. must be checked and confirmed prior to installation.

Room Temperature

Flooring materials, adhesive and room temperature must be maintained from 60°F to 75°F (18°C ~ 25°C) for at least 24 hours before, during and after the installation.


Apply adhesive with the recommended trowel and allow to dry to the touch before installing floor. Don’t install in wet adhesive.

Start of Installation - Planks

When using planks from two or more cartons, check to be sure al l pattern and lot numbers are the same to ensure proper color match.

Post Installation Care

Remove dirt and other foreign materials. Adhesive residues must be removed immediately with damp mop or cloth.


Wet floors can cause accidents. Slippery floors due to improper maintenance may cause slip and fall accidents. Use a hand roller under toe kicks and other hard to get areas.



Remove dirt and other foreign materials thoroughly with vacuum or broom.

Damp mop the floor, being careful not to flood the floor with excess water.

Stubborn areas should be allowed to soak for 5~10 minutes then have the excess moisture mopped off of the floor.

Damp mop with a rinse pad. Soak the rinse residues completely a nd wait until it dries.

Use only buffing and cleaning pads recommended by Ego Floor. Using strong abrasive pad that are too strong will result in excessive scratching and reduce the life of the floor.

Use WALK OFF MATS on the floor to protect from soil or dirt. Controlling grit and soil is absolutely crucial to prolonging the attractive appearance of your Ego - LG HAUSYS floor

Attempt to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

When moving furniture or heavy objects, protect the floor by la ying plywood.

Use proper floor protectors for portable furniture like wheel c hairs, carts, etc., use large diameter wheels.

Normal soap or dishwasher detergent can cause permanent damage and slippery floors. Use only proper cleaners for resilient flooring

When cleaning the floor, post pedestrian warning signs until the floor are completely dry.


Do not mop the floor with oil base solutions or sealer compound detergents

Furniture wax or window cleaner may cause slippery conditions. Do not spill cleaning compounds on the floor .

Do not use aerosol insecticide, vermicide, perfume that contain oil or other solutions can make flooring slippery when it spills on the floor. Some chemical compounds like this may cause permanent damage to the floor.