Choose Walnut Wood Floor from EgoPremium and Add Functional Value to Your Home

Looking to add exclusive aesthetics to your flooring surface? Choose walnut wood floor at EgoPremium. Create robust floor designs by installing our versatile walnut floors and live your dream without spending much.

Make a Statement with Walnut Flooring

Besides being beautiful, our walnut floors are tough under foot. They become a room’s focal point and grab the attention of anyone with their stunning visual line. They are one of the best choices for people looking to make a statement in their homes.

Reap the Many Benefits of Our Walnut Floors

We are a competent importer and supplier of walnut wooden flooring crafted by expert professionals.

  • Preferred for their perfect finish and smooth texture, our walnut floors offer a classy appearance to areas where they are installed.
  • One of the most stable flooring options, they work fine even in adverse weather conditions and are precisely tested on varied quality grounds, ensuring maximum results.
  • Looking to improve your home’s future value? Walnut flooring is the right option, as its elegance and quality make it one of the most desirable features for homebuyers.

Exclusive Attributes of Walnut Wood Flooring from EgoPremium

Scratch and stain-resistant, our walnut wood floors are easy to install and maintain. With high tensile strength, these units are termite resistant as well and are available at the most competitive prices.

Known for their toughness, these floors can withstand several years of wear and tear without showing any signs of ageing. Ease of care is another major feature of our walnut floors. Keep them looking as good as new with a mild soap solution and damp mop.

Choose Your Preferred Options from a Plethora of Varieties

Traditional engineered boards, parquet wood blocks or Chevron design boards? What is your choice? We have all these walnut floor varieties for you.

If your home features a modern and luxury design scheme, infuse a bit of traditional vibe into it with our Chevron and parquet patterns.

Create Something Exclusive!

For something more exclusive, combine walnut with oak in a fine line parquet construction. This is an adventurous and bold floor combination, laid in traditional patterns and offers a compelling contemporary appearance.

You Get Engineered Walnuts and Other Dark Species, Too!

Meet modern requirements while keeping a traditional wood flooring appearance by going for our engineered walnut floors. These feature several layers of plywood backing to support the top hardwood layer.

Available in both narrow and wide formats, our floors offer a beautiful feel and look to rooms and can be re-finished and sanded after several years of continued use. Engineered walnut boards in wide format can open up spaces for a more contemporary and modern appearance and the visually vibrant narrower boards look stunning in rooms with high ceiling, like a warehouse apartment.

Do not hesitate to lay our walnut floors in almost any room of your house, from bedrooms to bathrooms, thanks to their moisture content and stability. Sourced sustainably, they are a better flooring alternative to exotic species with high hardness rating. Find them in the best brown or dark tones that are a major characteristic of walnut floors.

So, why wait when you can find top quality, durable walnut wood flooring within an affordable range at EgoPremium. Contact us now to find more information about this flooring option.


Is walnut wood the best option for flooring?
Yes, walnut is one of the best flooring options for its damage resistance and durability. Perfect for installation in high-traffic areas, walnut wood floors are suitable for hallways and living rooms. They are also considered the best choice for abodes with children and pets due to their dent and scratch-resistant properties.
Are walnut floors long-lasting?
Of course, those available at EgoPremium are sturdy and highly durable, with the potential to resist shrinking and warping.
Do walnut floors scratch easily?
Our walnut wood floors are relatively dense hardwood. They do not scratch or dent easily with normal use.