Unleash the Beauty of Nature with Teak Flooring from EgoPremium!

Teak flooring from EgoPremium is a true testament to artistic prowess, featuring distinctive grain patterns and a rich golden hue. Our teak floor is a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary styles, and can infuse character and warmth in almost any space.

So, whether you want to transform your commercial space into a welcoming retreat or give a sophisticated appearance to your home décor, enjoy limitless possibilities with our extraordinary teak floors.

Teak Flooring from EgoPremium: A Classic Choice for Modern Homes

Are you willing to curate and reinvent the look of your space without spending much? Go for the unmatched durability and luxury of teak flooring from EgoPremium. They are one of the most classic choices for modern homes, thanks to their incredible beauty.

Their unmatched look makes them a compelling choice for varied spaces within a home. And when price is a concern, they have an edge, providing an enduring and luxurious touch to homes within an affordable range.

Our Teak Floors are Environmentally Sustainable, Durable and Easy to Care

Our teak floors score high on environmental sustainability, ensuring their natural beauty remains intact for several generations to come. Besides this, our floors are exceptionally durable and relatively unfussy in terms of care requirements.

Create Enchanting Home Décor with the Timeless Elegance of Teak

Available in warm, golden-brown colour, our teak floors offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance to any space while integrating effortlessly into a room’s interior. Give your home a touch of natural grandeur by going for the timeless beauty of teak.

Guaranteed Shine with No Additional Treatment

Additionally, do not worry about the floors producing splinters that require sanding because the oils in teak wood resist cracking and drying, offering several years of service without any damage.

Top Quality Damage Resistance

Are you worried about your floors getting damaged due to foot traffic, regular wear and tear and moisture? Go for our teak flooring and get rid of all these worries. One of the hardest wood species, teak is highly resistant to dings, scratches and all other types of damage caused due to foot traffic.

Moreover, the robustness of these floors makes them ideal for hallways and living rooms and for homes with children and pets.

Keep Insects at Bay with Our Teak Floors

The oils present in teak possess wonderful repelling abilities, specifically against termites that are known for damaging wood. So, go for our teak floors and keep termites, fungus and mould at bay.

Overall, teak flooring is one of the most functionally sound, visually appealing and reliable choices for commercial and residential spaces. For affordable, versatile and easy-to-install and maintain floors, choose teak flooring at EgoPremium. Contact us now to learn more about our teak flooring collections.


How durable are your teak floors?
Our teak floors are sourced from well-known manufacturers, guaranteeing top-quality wood that offers several years of service.
How to maintain teak floors?
To maintain your teak floors, perform regular quick cleaning with a soft scrub brush and water. This will be more than enough to stave off discolouration and stains.
What do your teak floors look like?
Find our teak floors in varied colours ranging from dark red hue to light warm yellow. Ageing to a medium brown with a dark brown grain texture, our teak floors feature grain patterns ranging from curved to straight.