Forests from across the globe.

Introducing the SPC Plank Collection - a stunning collection of wooden flooring inspired by forests from across the globe. Each piece boasts unique and captivating patterns and textures, making your flooring truly one-of-a-kind.
Experience the luxury of our Enchant Rustic Wood Floors that not only provide a beautiful finish but are also easy to maintain and professionally installed. With a range of choices available, you can bring the look of long-lasting solid wood floors into your home with Ego Enchant Rustic Floors. Elevate the style and sophistication of your space with our SPC Plank Collection today.

Unique EIR surface makes it look like real wood.
High abrasion resistance makes it more durable.<>/h5
Acoustic Floor with 2mm underlayment which makes it noiseless and gives better foot feeling.
V Groove.
Size 1220*180*12+2mm.
Warranty 15 years Residential and 5 years commercial.

ThicknessEN 13329△T average ≤ 0.50mm
△T max - △T min ≤ 0.50mm
LengthEN 13329Nominal Value : 1215
△1 ≤ 0.5mm
WidthEN 13329Nominal Value : 196
△W average ≤ 0.1mm
W max - W min ≤ 0.2mm
DensityEN 13329≥ 850kg / cbm
WearlayerEN 10874Class 32
HumidityEN 13329/td>3 - 10%
Tensile Strength PerpedicularEN 13329≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Surface SoundnessEN 13329≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Abrasion resistanceEN 13329AC4:4000 revolutions (10% more or less)
Bending StrengthEN 13329≥ 30N/mm2
Squareness of the elementEN 13329qmax ≤ 0.20mm
Strengthness of the surface layerEN 13329smax ≤ 0.30mm/m
Flatness WidthEN 13329Concave : ≤0.15%
Flatness LengthEN 13329Convex: ≤0.20%
Opening between elementsEN 133290average ≤ 0.15%
0max - 0min ≤ 0.20%
Height differences between elementsEN 13329≤18%
Impact ResistanceGB/T18102 - 2000≤12mm
Emission of formaldehydeGB/T18102 - 2000≤1.5mg/L
Color DifferencesFor each order, we will produce your good according to your samples.