"Back to Nature" has been always the global aesthetic criterion in flooring industry. Except for the pursuit of real wood effect, customers also have high standards for waterproof and scratch-resistant performance to flooring products, especially SPC, is chosen to be the flooring of Stupa. Stupa - SPC flooring is beautiful but also functional due to its waterproof properties as well as its special coating system U •Protectr•l with ultra stain resistance. Additionally. IXPE backing is attached under the flooring to achieve acoustic reduction, whilst the flooring can be also directly installed on any kinds of existing levelled subfloors.

Stupa - SPC Herringbone Collection is inspired by the herringbone design Of European traditional solid wood fooring and western decoration aesthetics, besides the patterns design is also based on real European oaks with neutral color tone and fine grain texture.

Eco friendly. 19 toxic heavy metals free, 40 phthalates plasticizer free, formaldehyde free, extremely low TVOC emission, REACH Certified.
Stain resistance. Unique coating system makes it stain resistant, anti-bacterial and easg to clean and maintain. E.g., cleaning oilg pen marks is a breeze of wind.
Resistance to cigarette burnsExceptionaI base panel composition contributes to cigarette burns resistance property, making the flooring last for years.
100% waterproof. A revolutionary composition made of polymer nano materials and natural inorganic compounds amplifies its waterproof property. Patented extra tight click prevents water from penetrating through the joints.
Size 625*125*0.3/5+1mm.
Warranty 15 years Residential and 5 years commercial.

Specifications Norms Value
Thickness EN 13329 △T average ≤ 0.50mm
△T max - △T min ≤ 0.50mm
Length EN 13329 Nominal Value : 1215
△1 ≤ 0.5mm
Width EN 13329 Nominal Value : 196
△W average ≤ 0.1mm
W max - W min ≤ 0.2mm
Density EN 13329 ≥ 850kg / cbm
Wearlayer EN 10874 Class 32
Humidity EN 13329/td> 3 - 10%
Tensile Strength Perpedicular EN 13329 ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Surface Soundness EN 13329 ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance EN 13329 AC4:4000 revolutions (10% more or less)
Bending Strength EN 13329 ≥ 30N/mm2
Squareness of the element EN 13329 qmax ≤ 0.20mm
Strengthness of the surface layer EN 13329 smax ≤ 0.30mm/m
Flatness Width EN 13329 Concave : ≤0.15%
Flatness Length EN 13329 Convex: ≤0.20%
Opening between elements EN 13329 0average ≤ 0.15%
0max - 0min ≤ 0.20%
Height differences between elements EN 13329 ≤18%
Impact Resistance GB/T18102 - 2000 ≤12mm
Emission of formaldehyde GB/T18102 - 2000 ≤1.5mg/L
Color Differences For each order, we will produce your good according to your samples.