Say Yes to OutdoorDeck Flooring from Ego!

With an extensive selection of wood deck flooring options; Ego offers the most all-inclusive solutions for individuals in the look out of perfect deck installation. Our WPC deck flooring is an environment-friendly solution to wooden deck flooring of the present times.

State-Of-The-Art WPC Deck Tile Flooring Solutions

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor flooring options, there can be nothing better than our WPC deck tile flooring solutions. Our exclusive enrich deck flooring collection is the perfect marriage between composite and wood. It is made from wood fibre blended with a thermoplastic. Because of its exclusive construction, WPC can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Our WPC Offerings

With our WPC deck tiles, you get:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Flexural properties
  • Water and swelling absorption
  • Shore hardness
  • Heat reversion
  • Impact resistance

Unlike wood, our WPC deck tiles are not susceptible to water damage. They do not bloat or rot when exposed to water spills, rain or moisture. These are a few qualities that make them the best choice for outdoor wooden deck floors. Also, all our WPC tiles require simple cleaning and mopping. They do not require sealing and other treatments to protect them from environmental damage.

To know more about the specialties of our WPC deck tiles, you can visit our site; send us an email at or call us at 022 25500265/+9122 40137119.


1. Why go for composite decking?
Composite decking is durable enough even with minimum care and maintenance. This composite material of plastic and bamboo fibre does not have any preservative chemicals and no splinters as well.
2. How do I clean composite decking?
You can use a deck cleaner or detergent to clean composite deck occasionally. You also need a hose and a brush for the cleaning procedure.
3. Will your composite deck decay?
Our composite guarantee no water damage and decay as they feature plastic encapsulating the wood fibre that protects it from water and various other elements.