Go for the New Age Interlocking Tiles Only at EgoPremium

Step up from conventional flooring to a world of distinguished style and comfort with the latest interlocking tiles from EgoPremium. With click-n-lock technology, our tiles allow grout, noise and dust-free, easy installation that keeps the floors intact and damage-free for several years.

Exclusive Properties of Interlocking Tiles at EgoPremium

Our anti-skid interlocking tiles are fire, stain and scratch-resistant and feature an antimicrobial layer to offer you the best flooring option for any space within your house. Explore them in an extensive selection of designs and finishes to give your home an exclusive appeal, elegance and finesse. So, avoid further delay as the future of flooring is here.

Find the Best Interlocking Tiles That Fit Your Projects Perfectly

If you are looking for an industrial-strength, durable flooring option, then our interlocking floor tiles are for you. We specialize in creating top-notch tiles that you can install and use in varied ways. Perfect for both traditional and modern usage, our tiles are versatile enough to be used in or in retail offices and gyms. 

Get Our Exceptionally Useful Interlocking Tiles in Varied Patterns and Designs

We present to you meticulously designed interlocking tiles that can easily adapt to and work in varied scenarios and are exceptionally useful for those looking for a cost-effective and robust flooring solution. Find our exclusive interlocking floor tiles in a plethora of colours, including yellow, blue, light grey, dark grey, black, green, red, beige, maroon and white, and if there’s a specific shade or colour you want, just let us know. We will work on it and help you with the ideal flooring solution that matches your requirements, preferences, and, most importantly, budget.

Expect Tiles in Multiple Sizes

So, what are the unique designs you are looking to create with our versatile interlocking tiles? Starting from textured dovetail and studded to chequered, urban and modern, the options are endless. Their availability in multiple sizes is an important attribute that makes our tiles adapt to almost any design.

We provide tile sizes based on your project specification and by considering factors like tile placement, low or high and what you means by this?

Create Stunning Floors with Our Design-Specific Interlocking Tiles

Trust us for providing interlocking tiles in varied styles that perfectly fit any project requirement. Order slate hidden join tiles for or chequered tiles for your showroom. Easily find interlocking tiles in exclusive looks and designs that can help you create the most unique floors.

Do Not Miss Out on the low-maintenance Factor

One of the most specific benefits of our interlocking tiles is the ease of maintaining and changing them. Though some installations may require additional work, especially whenyour flooring is exposed to direct sunlight, we ensure easy installations that do not take much time, effort and money. Install our interlocking tiles on existing hard surfaces without much preparation work. Lay them in just a few minutes and enjoy their advantages for years!

EgoPremium’s interlocking tiles offer a stylish and quick solution to revamp your outdoor and indoor spaces. Available in varied materials and finishes, our tiles are durable, can withstand rough outdoor conditions and require minimal maintenance. Contact us now for more details.


What is an interlocking tile?
These are tiles with teeth that can be pressed into place to lock them together and create varied floor designs.
Do your interlocking tiles last for years?
Yes, our interlocking tiles can last for more than a decade if properly cared for. Their hard-wearing and robust design makes them a durable and safe flooring option.
How to maintain interlocking tiles?
The best way to maintain interlocking tiles is by vacuuming them or sweeping them with a brush to remove dust and debris. Avoid heavy cleaning methods or traditional floor mops to maintain these tiles.