Popular and Recommended Flooring for Kids Room

Choosing the best flooring for kids room may be tricky considering the several factors you need to keep in mind, including easy maintenance, comfortability, soundproofing and durability. However, with the correct thinking and consciousness, you can make this task simple. Luckily for you, at EgoPremium, they provide a plethora of options, so you feel confident about your choice. Here are a few choices for you to consider:

Go for Long-Lasting and Versatile Vinyl Floors

Tough, practical and hygienic vinyl floors in exclusive designs and patterns make the best flooring options for kids’ rooms.

  • They are scratch, stain, spill and dent-resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Vinyl flooring with foam backing and cushioned, flexible surface feels soft and warm underneath, providing perfect sound insulation in noisy kids’ rooms.

We offer designs like classic wood, tile or stone and the flexibility to combine trendy, playful and fun designs together to create mesmerising interiors.

Choose Beautiful Laminate Flooring

Improve the aesthetic appearance of your child’s room with beautiful laminate flooring that offers the perfect balance between durability, versatility and affordability. They capture the natural beauty of hardwood while offering exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

Available in a plethora of realistic stone and wood finishes, the visually appealing laminate flooring complements almost any interior décor, including the kids’ room. Moreover, its minimal maintenance and easy to clean features make it apt for budget-conscious parents looking for the right flooring for their child’s room.

Go for the Timeless Elegance of Wood Flooring

Appealing to the eyes, wood flooring is another great option for kids’ rooms because of its durability and good insulation properties. Other exclusive attributes of wooden floors include:

  • Make them appear as good as new by repairing scratches and restoring the floors every ten years.
  • Fairly easy to clean and maintain.
  • Top-quality hardwood floors from EgoPremium are water- and spill-resistant.
  • Wood is less porous, thus inhibiting bacterial growth, which may be a problem in homes with pets and infants.
  • Re-stain and sand them at regular intervals so they keep offering several years of service without showing any signs of damage.

Consider any of the above options to create harmonious and exclusive spaces that reflect your child’s personality and do away with durability, safety and maintenance concerns at the same time. For better clarity, contact our expert team  and find the perfect flooring option for your kids’ room.


Is vinyl flooring the best option for kids’ rooms?
Yes, vinyl flooring stands up very well to regular life with children due to its natural spill, stain, dent and scratch resistant properties.
Which is the safest flooring for kids?
Premium wood flooring available at EgoPremium is the safest flooring option for a child’s bedroom.
What are the price considerations when choosing the right floors for a child’s room?
The price of any kind of flooring that you choose for your child’s bedroom will depend on its quality, durability and look. Do not hesitate to pay more for products that can last for several years, like wooden and vinyl floors.