Create Varied Laying Patterns in Your Home with the Best Wood Floor Designs from EgoPremium!

Looking to create rooms in your individual style and a specific format that adds magic to its décor and appeal? Go for the wood floor designs from EgoPremium that you can use for creating varied laying patterns in your home. From bespoke innovations to classic creations, we create a multitude of wood flooring designs in engineered wood. Highly sustainable and with a great degree of customisation, our wooden floor designs are fuelled by imagination and are easy to install. Our factory-made and pre-finished wooden tile design floors ensure you get your preferred design and customise the same as per your requirements.

Go For the Classic-Looking Horizontal Strips!

We have been creating wood horizontal strip patterns for several years now and they are absolutely stunning. A perennial favourite, this floor design can make small rooms appear more spacious and larger. An industry standard, this flooring design comes in endless click-together options in our store. So, hurry up if you want to experience the ease of just clicking pieces of planks together to create a new surface over a subfloor.

Choose the Elegant and Beautiful Herringbone Parquet

With a strong design impact, our herringbone patterns work well in almost all interior design styles and are created by laying a series of blocks at varied angles to create specific effects. We provide both narrow and traditional herringbone blocks alongside oversized options.

Select the Relatively Easy to Install Diagonal Strips!

Super easy to install, our diagonal strip flooring patterns are at 90degree angles to the edges of rooms, and they look effortlessly beautiful. The flexibility of achieving this pattern with click-together floors can further bring down your flooring price per square foot. Additionally, you can choose between engineered and alternatives, such as laminate or vinyl plank.

What About Creating Timeless Design with Chevron?

We create iconic “V” shapes with chevron blocks, also called Hungarian Point. Considered a timeless design, we create this pattern by cutting wood planks at an angle and then arranging them in a zig-zag design.

So, get the most gorgeous wood floor designs at EgoPremium. Besides using our expertise and knowledge in cutting and laying these designs, we ensure superior quality material so your floors last for a lifetime. Contact us now.


How long will your wood flooring patterns last?
They can last for as short as five years to as long as 30 years, provided you maintain them properly.
How to keep the wood floor designs in perfect shape?
Use the best cleaning products and avoid dragging furniture to keep your designs intact. If any spills occur, clean them quickly and avoid mopping the floors withwater if you want the designs to last for a long time.