A range of 6 decors of different designs and shades.
A combination of wide width with long length and narrow width with short length
AC4 grade material
V Groove Flooring
EIR surface
Waxed Locking
Quick & Easy to install
Panel Size – 1215/2430*238*12mm , 809*167*12mm
Warranty - Residential – 15 years, Commercial – 5 years

Test Description Standards Test Results Decision
Surface Abrasion ≥6000 6500 OK
Modulus of Rupture ≥35N/mm2 37.6 OK
Internal Bond ≥1.2N/mm2 1.4 OK
Surface Soundess ≥1.0N/mm2 1.4 OK
Density ≥860kg/m3 900 OK
Swelling after 24 hours in water ≤12% 9.7 OK
Moisture Content 4%-7% 5.9 OK
Resistance to Concentration of Acid on overlay No Visible No Visible OK
Resistance to Coldness & hotness cycle on surface No cracks and blisters No Visible OK
Resistance to cigarette burns No Visible Discoloration, Cracks or Blisters No Visible OK
Resistance to dry-hotness No Cracks and Blisters No Visible OK
Anti Crack on Surface 0级 / Grade 0 Grade 0 OK
Resistance to Impact ≤9mm 8.0 OK
Resistance to Scratch ≥4.0N OK
Resistance to Stain No Visible No Visible OK
Formaldehyde Emission E0≤0.5mg/L / /
E1≤1.5mg/L 0.6 OK

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