The Easy Classic Collection is a laminate flooring which is optically very appealing and fully in keeping with new flooring trends, providing fancy traditional wood and classic design solutions. Easy Classic collection is perfect for any room, as they give a distinctive character in an attractive price.

AC4 Grade Material
Waxed Locking
Quick and Easy to fit
Easy to reinstall
Glueless and no mess
Easy Floor comes in 12 different pleasing designs and shades.
Size : 1212 x 195 x 8.3mm
Density kg/m3 ≥ 880 OK
Moisture content % 6±1% OK
24hr thickness swelling in 20 0c % Center≤1 ok
Edge ≤12
Static Bending Strength ≥ 30 OK
Elastic Modulus mpa ≥ 3000 OK
Internal Bonding strength mpa ≥1.0 OK
Surface Soundness mpa ≥1.0 OK
Thickness Tolerance mm 8±0.30 OK
Length Tolerance mm ‘+3, -3 OK
Width Tolerance mm ±0.3 OK
Formaldehyde Emission 5mg/liter ≤1.5 OK
Level difference between board mm ≤0.1 OK
Angle difference(90degree) mm ≤ 0.15 OK
Banana effect mm ≤ 0.15 OK
Color difference mm no difference OK
Bending Concave(U) length ≤ 1.00%, width ≤ 0.2% OK
Concave(U) length ≤ 1.00%, width ≤ 0.2% OK
Bitten the cutting surface mm/pcs ≤ 0.5mm / 5pcs/floor ok
Abrasion Test cycle ≥ 6000 (AC4) ok
Weight of Overlay gsm ≥ 45 (AC4) ok