Give Your Home an Exclusive Appearance with Chevron Wood Floor from EgoPremium

A modern take on classic European patterns, our Chevron wood floor features elegant symmetry and is considered one of the most sophisticated choices for homes and offices. When laid perfectly, this geometric patterned flooring creates a continuous ‘V’ shape that makes it highly distinctive. With our range of hues and tones, you can work with these flooring options seamlessly and create the design you desire, regardless of the complexity of your project.

Experience the Elegance of Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring at EgoPremium

Our Chevron engineered wood flooring makes the best option for homeowners looking for elegance in rooms where solid hardwood may not be an option. 90-120mm wide, our Chevron wood blocks combine the stability of engineered wood with the visual appeal of the Chevron floor patterns. Rely on our experts to choose the engineered wood plank and pattern that adds sophistication and visual appeal to any room and creates a surface resistant to humidity, temperature changes and moisture.

Understand the Characteristic ‘V” of the Chevron Pattern

The characteristic ‘V’ shape of the Chevron pattern has been popular since ages due to its timeless feel and look. And at EgoPremium, these engineered boards are extremely durable and appear indistinguishable from solid wood. With a 2 mm to 4 mm top layer and a thickness of about 15/14 mm, our Chevron flooring options feature wooden bottom that can be anything from plywood and pine to spruce.

Why Choose Chevron Flooring Options at EgoPremium?

Explore the Chevron wood flooring collection by EgoPremium and reap the following benefits:

  • An ideal blend of modern flair and luxury charm, our meticulously designed Chevron wooden floors can withstand regular wear while retaining their exquisite appearance for several years.
  • Though stunningly beautiful, Chevron floors are a bit difficult to install using conventional methods. Thankfully, our engineered wood Chevron block installation is not labour intensive, as each plank features a click-installation system, allowing great design flexibility.
  • Quality craftsmanship is our strength, and our collection ensures a long-lasting investment in your property. Select from varied wood species and finishes within our collection and customize your floor to match your exclusive style.
  • Aesthetic versatility is yet another advantage of our Chevron wood patterns that create an optical illusion, where narrow spaces appear wider and short rooms seem longer.

Choose from a Plethora of Design Options with Our Chevron Wood Floors

Are you designing a traditional room? Give it an organic appearance by choosing our floors, which are made of more textured Chevron wood featuring conventional hand-rolled edges. Conversely, create modern spaces with our smoother Chevron floors featuring sharp micro-bevelled edges, subtle surfaces and sharp lines.

Expect Variety in Dimensions, Too!

Our Chevron floors even havechoose the skinny and short varieties to make narrow and small spaces appear larger, or experiment with our larger chevrons to make larger spaces appear more intimate.

Textures and Colors Abound

Chevron wood floors at EgoPremium also abound in textures and colours, with varied edge details featured in each block. Consider the space you want to create and decide on the characteristics you want.

So, without further delay, elevate your space with the timeless beauty of Chevron wood flooring, backed by the expertise and reliability of EgoPremium. Contact us now for more details.


Which rooms are suitable for Chevron wood flooring?
Our Chevron wood floors are perfect for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces, due to their sophisticated style and design versatility.
Can your Chevron-engineered floor be stained?
Yes, we provide several stains for our Chevron wood floor colours.
Can your Chevron wood floors be prefinished and textured?
Yes, our textured Chevron wood floors offer surfaces a new appearance and character, while the prefinished varieties can easily be installed without the inconvenience or mess of finishing floors on site.