Choose Carpet Tiles from EgoPremium for Superior Quality Home Renovation

Are you looking to incorporate convenience and creativity into your floors? Carpet tiles from EgoPremium are the best choice! Available in several designs and striking colours, our durable carpet floors will add more vibrancy and functionality to your space, offering it an unmatched appeal. They are also easy to install and maintain and are one of the most desirable choices for homes and offices, thanks to their anti-viral and anti-skid properties.

Get Square or Modular Carpet Tiles Only at EgoPremium

Our carpet tiles are squares cut from wall-to-wall rolls fitted together to make a carpet. Besides the square shape, rectangleshapes, the most widely used flooring options for commercial environments like restaurants and bars. Available in sizes ranging from470*470mm, 914*457mm.

Why Our Carpet Tiles are the Best Choice for Your Home Renovation Project?

A major aspect of home renovation is choosing the right kind of flooring, and our carpet floor tiles excel in this category. They create the best first impression without being too expensive. Their varied benefits include:

  • Attractive acoustic
  • Superior comfort
  • Good thermal qualities
  • Easy installation
  • Style flexibility

Our top-quality carpet tiles offer so much more than the above-mentioned practical benefits, though. Ensure deploying them in your design expertly as it can have a major effect on the sound, feel and look of your space. Choose patterns and colours carefully because they also play an important role in conveying your exclusive ambience.

Go for Our Flooring Solutions without a Second Thought

With our luxury carpet tiles, you need not worry about installation delays. Once you choose your exclusive, personalised carpet tile design, rest assured that the installation work will be taken over by our experts. Less expensive, high quality, attractive and modular, our floor tiles are great flooring solutions for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces.

Experience Ease of Installation Like Never Before

Choose them for your home renovation and see how floor fitters, designers and architects are more than happy to work on their installation for the following reasons:

  • Highly portable, our carpet floor tiles can be moved from one place to another without site damage.

Make Huge Time and Cost Savings

Available in small, square sizes, our carpet tiles offer considerable time and cost savings, both in carrying them to the job site and maintaining them over the years. They also create less waste during installation because of less cutting required, specifically in rooms with several odd angles and nooks.

Enjoy Design Flexibility

We use highly advanced dye technology to create carpet tiles in varied patterns and colours, thus offering great design flexibility.

So, next time you think of carpet tiles for your home renovation project, think EgoPremium! No matter where you are in the process- from conceptualisation to unique carpet solutions, we can help. Contact us now.


What are a few exclusive benefits of your carpet tiles?
Ease of installation, cleaning and care; design versatility; and availability in varied shapes and sizes are a few advantages of our carpet tiles.
Are carpet tiles affordable?
Yes, they are less expensive than the other flooring options. Go for our carpet floors to save big on carpet cushioning, labour, delivery and installation.
Do your carpet tiles require separate padding or cushioning?
No, this is not a major requirement.